Most mums have a name for their bump during their pregnancy. My baby bump became known as titch. Throughout my pregnancy I referred to the little person growing in my tummy as ‘titch’ and I used the name so often that it didn’t take long before my mum, boyfriend and friends were calling my baby ‘titch’ as well.

Of course, upon her birth, titch became Amelia Skye. But for me it just didn’t stick. As much as the name suited her, before long I was calling her ‘titchy tot’ – you only need to look at my Instagram post captions to see this. In the last few weeks as little Amelia has transitioned from one of those newborns that is hardly recognisable from the other little newborns in the room into a less bald, more alert, pouty baby girl ‘titchy tot’ has become ‘titchy princess’. Mummy’s little titchy princess.

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