You hear about so many babies that hate bath time and won’t go near the water unless they have to.

Amelia loves having a bath. Every evening when we say ‘Amelia it’s time for a bath’ she smiles and kicks, laying happily on her changing table whilst we take her clothes off. She wriggles and splashes about in the water, grabbing at the bubbles with both hands.

So naturally we took her swimming. She went for the first time when she was eight weeks old and still very small. Obviously she couldn’t hold her head up and we could only keep her in the water for the recommended twenty minutes in case she got cold.

This time, age four months, was completely different. She spent the whole time looking around at the lights and the people. Now that she can hold her head up she’s able to sit in her baby inflatable ring and was quite happy having a float around.

So comfortable and rocked by the motion of the pool that she started to fall asleep in the ring!


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