1) Breast feeding shrinks your boobs – everyone is quick to tell you how much they balloon when your milk comes in but no one mentions that once you stop feeding they get a lot smaller. Since stopping breast feeding I am 2 cup sizes smaller than I was before pregnancy
2) Anti d injections aren’t foolproof – I had extra anti d injections for various reasons while I was pregnant and Amelia still contracted enough of my antibodies that she was very poorly
3) Nipple piercings – you think they’ve healed over? Wait until your milk starts leaking out of the holes you thought had closed up.
4) Discharged from hospital means no more injections – not entirely true. After my csection I had to inject every day for ten days to prevent blood clots. My poor mum did them for me and my legs were so bruised by the end of it.
5) The midwife can visit you at home – not many people realise that after the birth midwife visits can be at the doctors surgery but if you’re too uncomfortable to get there they will happily come to you instead.
6) Buy saline nasal drops – Amelia had such a blocked nose to start with that she wouldn’t feed. These were life savers and my midwife recommended them as you can’t cause any damage like you can if you push a nasal aspirator too far in.
7) Birth control – despite making a baby being the last thing on your mind with an hours old newborn in your arms health care professionals will keep mentioning it. I was having my tummy stitched up when the surgeon asked me what birth control I was planning to use! I had a huge hole in my tummy and she asked me about birth control.

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