To some this might not seem like much of an achievement. Loads of people go to uni. I can name more than a hundred people I went to school with that are currently at uni and can name nearly as many that have already completed their courses.

I received my results earlier today, after anxiously checking my emails from 11am onwards – they were being sent out by email between 11 and 6pm – and found out that I have passed the first year of my degree. Why am I so pleased? Because I think studying at uni full time, holding down a part time job, having and raising a baby all whilst moving out is quite an impressive achievement.

I have a lovely boyfriend, a gorgeous baby, a wonderful flat and am a third of the way through my degree. And I’m proud of that!

My beautiful friend Mollie looked after Amelia for a couple of hours so that Rob and I could go out for a meal. I even had a cocktail to celebrate my results.

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