IMG_2717Amelia’s clothes are more practical than princess. Thanks to her reflux she is sick at least ten times a day resulting in 3 or more outfit changes, 4 or more bibs and at least 3 muslin cloths. If she’s laying down at the time of projectile vommitting she usually gives herself a horrible hair wash. It is not unusual for her to need three or four baths a day.

Her reflux means she needs a lot of clothes. Forget the quantities of vests that mother care and cow and gate recommend on their websites. 12 vests would never be enough unless I want to be doing a few loads of washing a day.

Most of her clothes come from h and m, primark, Tesco or mothercare. She’s also got a lot of clothes passed on from friends and family.


As much as I see the appeal to the gorgeous designer clothes and intricately made Spanish dresses, for us they just aren’t practical. They aren’t designed to be sicked all over and the few pretty dresses she does have end up being taken off after her first bottle. Princess dresses just don’t look the same with a bib.

If she has a particularly cute outfit on I try and get a picture before I put her bib on, hoping I manage it before she sicks – and no this doesn’t always work.

The photo below is more accurate – bib and muslin and a blanket just incase the muslin doesn’t catch everything.


(The shirt and baby jeggings are Primark, the love floral tracksuit is from Morrisons and the Gap outfit is a set I found on facebay.)


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