Canterbury food and drink festival is an annual event that’s staged in Dane John gardens and runs for an entire weekend at the end of September each year.

I went last year for the first time, having found out about it since starting uni in Canterbury. Although children are welcome we decided it wasn’t really the best place to be taking Amelia – gardens and pushchairs aren’t a great mix and with a lot of alcohol on sale we weren’t sure it was the right environment for a five month old – so little lady spent the afternoon with her nanny.

There were so many food stalls to chose from, even as a vegetarian, and the array of local produce and ciders to select from was almost overwhelming. The food is cooked at the stalls and the aromas coming from some of the tents were amazing. My one complaint about this was it was extremely hard to identify which delicious smell was coming from which stall due to the number of dishes available.

I’d heard a lot of people talking about how good the vegan burger stall was so this year I decided to try it for myself. It didn’t disappoint. Having never had vegan cheese before I wasn’t sure what to expect from my cheeseburger, but honestly it didn’t taste much different to the cheese I normally use at home. Rob had a kebab type thing but instead of the long strips of unidentifiable meat from the takeaway this had slices of chorizo, pork and pieces of chicken in it.


We found a really good cherry cider – home brewed and nothing like what you’d buy in a supermarket. It tasted lovely but felt so much stronger than what we usually drink. I had half a pint and had to leave it another three hours, a burger and some popcorn later before I was happy to drive. We did however buy a carton to bring home. Last year we kept saying we wished we’d got some to bring home so this year we made sure to.


We completed the day with a trip to the shops – we couldn’t return home without something for our little princess. We found her the cutest pair of pyjamas in primark, perfect for the winter.

It was lovely to spend the afternoon and evening together as a couple and Amelia had a lovely time with her nanny. As nice as the day together was, it was wonderful going home to cuddles with our titchy princess.

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