My tiny little newborn is somehow 5 months already. We notice changes in her everyday now and she’s definitely developing a cheeky personality.

What can Amelia do?

If you hold her hands when she’s sitting, she pulls herself up so she is standing. Whenever she does this she gives you the biggest smile as if to say ‘look how clever I am’.

Titch can roll over from front to back. She can nearly roll over from back to front but unfortunately she thinks the best time to practice this is in the bath!

She can make lots of different noises and her latest one sounds a bit like mum when she’s being particularly loud.

Amelia giggles and laughs all the time and if you stick your tongue out at her she does it back.

If she sees something she wants to chew on she easily reaches for it and sticks it in her mouth.

Tummy time now means hilarious attempts at crawling! She pulls her shoulders off the ground but tries to move forward with her feet off the floor too.

The last few days we have found out that if Amelia isn’t strapped into her chair she can wiggle her way out of it until she is sitting on the floor instead.

All little ones progress at different rates so I am sure there are babies unable to do some of these things at this age. Equally I am sure there are babies that same age that can do things Amelia can’t.



2 thoughts on “5 Months Already

  1. Well done Amelia! I love their attempts at crawling. My little man does the opposite: gets his knees in place but leaves his face on the floor 😂🙈

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