Recently I have discovered the brand ‘kitandkin’, thanks to another mummy blogger I follow on Instagram.

Kit and Kin is an eco nappy brand that sells biodegradable nappies, wipes and nappy sacks. They also do a range of bath products using all natural ingredients, making them good for the environment and really gentle on sensitive skin. The nappy brand is founded by Emma Bunton and is becoming increasingly popular.

I first purchased the nappies a month ago when I noticed that Amelia’s nappies were irritating her tummy a little. Her dad and I both have very sensitive skin, having both suffered with eczema, so we are especially careful with what products we buy to use on Amelia.

Kit and Kin offer a subscription service that delivers four packs of nappies every month. You can also add wipes or nappy sacks and everything is delivered to you, making the service very convenient.

I love their nappies as they come in several designs, with an animal on the bum. If you would like to try them for yourself you can find them here.

kit and kin uk styles

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