I am 21 in 3 days and this birthday is nothing like I expected it to be when I was imagining it a few years back.

I had imagined a big party or a night out in London. But now I have Amelia that couldn’t sound less appealing. Why on earth would I want to spend loads of money on getting drunk and stay out all night when I could spend that time and money on my daughter?

I do have a few things planned though. I got my hair done yesterday as a little treat to myself which I’m still feeling a little bad about as I could have spent the money on Amelia. But I hadn’t had a hair cut in over a year and Amelia has everything she needs.

Friday my mum is taking Amelia and I shopping so I can pick some new clothes – since pregnancy nothing I own fits quite right as I I now weigh less than I did before I got pregnant. (On a side not if anyone ever tells you to throw away all your smaller sized clothes when you’re pregnant because they will never fit again don’t listen to them. 2 weeks after Amelia was born I was back in all my prepregnancy clothes and would have had to spend a fortune on new ones. Even if you don’t fit in them that quick, you may do eventually so may as well keep them just in case.) We will most likely make a day of it and get some lunch too. Lakeside shopping centre is a bit of a drive from us so we intend to make the most of the trip.

Saturday Rob, Amelia and I are planning to go out for breakfast just the 3 of us and Saturday evening I am going for a drink with two girl friends, which we have planned early so that I can be back for my baby girl.

On my actual birthday we are going out for a meal with my mum and her partner and my brother and his girlfriend. But before that I intend to spend the day in my pyjamas with my little princess whilst we wait for her daddy to get home from work.

What do you do for your birthdays now you have little ones?

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