Now that Amelia’s started having 2 ‘meals’ a day we have started introducing more variety. The docotors said that when Amelia was three months the old the best thing for her reflux was heavier milk and baby porridge. She has every flavour baby porridge available; plain, banana, apricot, summer fruits, orange. She also loves yoghurts.

As her coordination has got better and now that she’s a bit older she also has some foods that she can eat herself. Amelia loves Farleys Rusks – what baby doesn’t? – and like with her nappies I discover Ella’s kitchen thanks to another mum blogger.

Ella’s kitchen is a brand of baby food that uses all natural ingredients. They contain low amounts of sugar and fat and have a range of crisps that are perfect finger foods. Amelia loves the carrot and sweetcorn puffs.


We also found these new flavours to try

Where has my tiny baby gone?


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