This week we welcome Jo, author of Midland Mummy
1. Going for a walk

I often take my little baby boy for a walk in his pram when I’m feeling a bit low, it gets us both out of the house, sometimes it’s a walk to my local lake to feed the ducks and have a look around or even just a walk around the supermarket, it’s just lovely to have some fresh air.

2. Treat yourself
I often try to treat myself, even if it’s just a little bar of my favourite chocolate or a magazine, nothing too expensive but it’s something that’s just for me and something to look forward to having.

3. Make time for yourself
As a new mum, I find it very hard to get any time to myself as with breastfeeding my little baby boy, he gets his milk from me but it’s getting easier now he’s weaning, but I always make sure my husband takes him,even if it’s just for 30-45 mins each day, it allows me to go have a shower, check my emails and just have a bit of time for me, to stop being mummy for that time.

4. Talk to someone
Sometimes especially recently, I can find myself in the house with the baby and although he’s very cute,I can’t have a conversation with him yet, so I often find a phone call or using FaceTime to speak to someone, be it a friend or my mum just allows me to speak about my day, I suffer with anxiety and I find that speaking about what is worrying me, can often help.

5. Baking
I love baking, I’m not the best baker in the world (Mary berry is safe) but I love making cakes and trying new recipes out, especially since my little baby is choosing to baby led wean. Finding healthy recipes for him and watching him explore is great , but I find dancing around the kitchen with my wooden spoon highly therapeutic, plus he thinks mummy’s dancing is hilarious !

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