Would it be Halloween month if we didn’t take the titchy princess pumpkin picking?

After seeing hundreds of posts and pictures of little ones sitting in pumpkin fields I finally caved and asked Rob if we could take Amelia pumpkin picking. We found a website for ‘pumpkin moon’, a place where you could go and pick your own pumpkins in Sandling, only s five minute drive from our home.

I made a major error in picking Amelia’s outfit. Instead of thinking about all the mud I only considered how cold it would be. I dressed her up in a lovely warm WHITE onesie. Despite my best efforts every time Amelia got anywhere near the ground she started kicking and inevitably ended up covered in dirt.

Yes I know. What an idiot I am. But regardless she had fun and she looked adorable. She wasn’t wonderfully cooperative with the photo taking but I got a couple of cute shots. Robs turned out better than mine.


I picked out various little pumpkins, all different colours and sizes. Now I have them I am not entirely sure what to do with them. Obviously there are the usual pumpkin pies, pumpkin soups etc. but I would liike to come up with something a bit different. Any suggestions are more than welcome. Of course I’m going to have a go at decorating one of them.

It was free to go into and there was a little burger stall and a maize so you could easily make an afternoon of it. I can’t wait until Amelia is a bit bigger and she can push one of the little kiddies wheel barrows round.

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