Before Amelia was even in my tummy, Rob and I had two fluffy babies. Guineapigs called beep and nibble. They were a present from Rob for my nineteenth birthday and are spoilt rotten. Beep and nibble are the third pair of guineapigs I have owned and I think they make wonderful pets.

You may wonder about the names. Well I let Rob name them and that’s what he came up with. They have their own Instagram page @beep_and_nibble and have unlimited amounts of hay and fresh vegetables.

Now that Amelia is here they have quickly become ‘uncle pigs’. Amelia loves them although we have to watch her with them as her latest skill is hair pulling. Nibble often lives up to his namesake so we have to keep her fingers away from his mouth. She’s also a fan of pulling their ears so it’s more of a love hate relationship.

How do your little ones get on with your pets?

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