I can’t be the only one with loads of pumpkins left! We went pumpkin picking and I went a little over board. At the time, compared to the other people’s wheelbarrows, I thought I hadn’t picked that many pumpkins.

Last night I finally used up the remaining pumpkins or most of them. For once I was actually quite organised in the kitchen and managed to prepare dinner for last night and tonight and made a little snack from the left overs for Rob – chilli roasted pumpkin seeds!

The first thing I used the pumpkins for was last nights dinner – vegetable stew and dumplings. Of course I used vegetable suet for the dumplings but they were still delicious. Pumpkin aside, the stew was made up of onions, leeks, carrots and gravy. The perfect meal for a cold winter evening.


Tonights dinner is a pumpkin cottage pie which I made while last nights stew was cooking. Instead of the usual array of vegetables I replaced some of them with little bits of pumpkin. The seeds that I scooped out of the pumpkin I saved and fried in oil with salt, dried garlic and chilly seeds.



Next year I’ll remember not to buy so many pumpkins! There are only so many things you can disguise them in before all you are eating is pumpkin flavoured everything.

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