With Christmas just over four weeks away I think I have brought most things. Everyone’s presents are either here and wrapped or on order. We’ve brought all our Christmas decorations – most of them from Tesco – although we aren’t putting them up until the 1st of December. (I confess the only reason they are still in boxes is because Robs birthday is end of November and I don’t want to put them up before his birthday.)

I keep picking up bits for Amelia. The latest Christmas item is a hair bow which I ordered from ‘ribbon and bows.’ a lovely company on Facebook and Instagram.


We’ve wrapped all of Amelia’s presents and put them in her Santa sack and stocking. She also has a Christmas Eve box with a pair of pyjamas, a Christmas book, a Christmas dvd and some Christmas chocolates.

How is everyone else’s Christmas prep going?

5 thoughts on “Christmas is on the way

  1. You seem very organised! I’ve bought and ordered a few bits but nothing wrapped yet. Funnily my husband’s birthday is the end of November too so we are waiting to put up the decorations 😊 Love the hair bow! X

  2. I’m at uni full time so I have to be! Thank you. I’m not usually a fan of hair bows but the lady that made that one does little delicate ones and I love them x

  3. My decorations are already up! I couldn’t wait. Last year I wasn’t in the right space for Christmas and just skipped all the decorations so this year I was definitely ready for it. Most presents are bought although they’re scattered across our flat like confetti. I need to go round and start wrapping them!

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