I have written before about my love for kit and kin nappies. (You can read my last post here.) Recently kit and kin have expanded their range to include baby wipes and magic salve.

So first of all, the baby wipes. They are fragrance free, which for me is a must. Both Amelia’s dad and I have sensitive skin so unnaturally fragrances products are a big no no. They cost £2.70 and are wonderful. They are biodegradable and organic, so both good for the environment and babies skin. They have a similar, plain scent to other non fragranced wipes and are just as soft – some people think organic is going to mean papery and this isn’t the case. Yes, they are bit more expensive than market leading brands but they are the only biodegradable wipes I’ve come across and they are good for sensitive skin so definitely worth the extra pennies.

Now let’s talk about the magic salve. It is an organic nappy cream with all natural ingredients. It has a mild herbal smell, very pleasant and not at all overwhelming. This is £7.99, similar in price to other nappy creams. Unlike most others the salve is made entirely of natural ingredients. It is brilliant to prevent and soothe nappy rash and is easy to apply. I like trying new products and any that are good for Amelia and the environment are always on my to try list.

Both these products are available on the kit and kin website, along with their nappies and bath products. I would urge anyone to try these who is environmentally conscious or parent to a baby with sensitive skin. Some kit and kin products are available from Ocado and Spirit of Nature.


*** I was sent these products for the purpose of this review. All views are my own ***

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