Anyone who knows me knows that before I got pregnant with Amelia I was obsessed with costa. I pretty much lived off of vanilla soya lattes and the people working in our local costa knew my order without me asking.

However when I was pregnant just the smell of coffee sent me rushing from the room to throw up. My favourite drink quickly became a major no go. It probably saved me a fortune as Costa’s aren’t exactly the cheapest drinks to live off but still, I missed it.

Amelia is now 7 and a half months old and I still can’t drink my much loved vanilla lattes. But I’m hoping I can learn to love coffee again.

I found these delicious sounding instant coffees and bought a variety pack so I can try all the different flavours. I am hoping at least one of them tastes nice to me.


The gingerbread one sounds particularly good in the run up to Christmas. Pregnancy makes you hate your favourite foods and love things you previously hated. One of the many interested results of growing a tiny human.


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