I can’t remember the last time I wrote on here!

Between working, uni and having a toddler who is more active than average – her nurseries words – I haven’t really had the chance.

All amelia wants to do recently is draw and colour and show mummy and daddy her sticking. She’s become so kind and creative. So creative in fact that it wasn’t me that designed the layout for the Halloween themed photos – I came into her room to find her emptying spider sequins over the floor and waving her trick or treat bucket around!

But look at the face! How could I be annoyed with her when she looked so cute?

A website that I particularly like at the moment is Mrs Mactivity – I was gifted a subscription but a lot of the resources are free. It has lots of activities, colouring sheets and guides for little ones learning to read and write. There’s even some Halloween themed ones. I’ve literally been counting down the days until Amelia could do more craft type activities – that she’s shown such an interest in making pictures has made me happier than is reasonable.

I’m going to try and post more regularly. Wish me luck!

Halloween. Toddler activities. Spider sequins

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