Pets Party

With Christmas being so close my posts are admittedly getting shorter. Amelia’s nanny’s and uncles and friends and other family have been busy shopping.

Rob and I have tried not to buy too much for her but there were a few items I couldn’t resist.

Two of these are from the lovely Cath Kidston ‘pets party’ range. Anyone who knows me knows that I adore guineapigs. I have two of my own called beep and nibble (@beep_and_nibble on instagram if you want to see pictures) so when I found a range of guinea pig decorated items I knew Amelia had to have some of them.

I restrained myself admirably and bought her the lunch plate which is really good as it is divided into sections and a lunch bag which is insulated so if you put an ice block in it the food stays cool.


(I say restrained because there are a number of items in the pets party range and I really wanted to buy them all. Anyone else feel compelled to buy entire sets?)

Uncle Pigs

Before Amelia was even in my tummy, Rob and I had two fluffy babies. Guineapigs called beep and nibble. They were a present from Rob for my nineteenth birthday and are spoilt rotten. Beep and nibble are the third pair of guineapigs I have owned and I think they make wonderful pets.

You may wonder about the names. Well I let Rob name them and that’s what he came up with. They have their own Instagram page @beep_and_nibble and have unlimited amounts of hay and fresh vegetables.

Now that Amelia is here they have quickly become ‘uncle pigs’. Amelia loves them although we have to watch her with them as her latest skill is hair pulling. Nibble often lives up to his namesake so we have to keep her fingers away from his mouth. She’s also a fan of pulling their ears so it’s more of a love hate relationship.

How do your little ones get on with your pets?

All Things Autumnal


I reread that word a few times wondering if I had spelt it correctly.

There’s so many lovely things to see and do in Autumn. There’s all the beautiful colours; green grass, red and brown fallen leaves, early sunsets, orange pumpkins, red skies in the morning.

As I’ve mentioned previously I try and take Amelia for a walk everyday so that she can get some fresh air. I love wrapping her up in her little coat and hat, tucking the blankets round her in her pram.


She is so alert now and loves looking around. There are so many trees around our area and with the leaves falling off they look a little different everyday. It makes it so interesting for Amelia, giving her something new to look at every day.

Aside from the gorgeous autumnal colours of the outdoors there are also some beautiful coloured clothes about for the season. Amelia hasn’t got many clothes for the winter and all the cosy little jumpers and woolly tights that are now in shops are perfect for making her look cute and keeping her warm. I may even be able to find us matching jumpers.

I would love to take Amelia pumpkin picking. I know she’s not big enough to understand yet but she really likes people watching and the bright colour of the pumpkins would really catch her attention.



4 Months and Counting

Amelia was 16 weeks old yesterday – I know I can’t believe it either. She arrived three weeks early. I’m not sure if that’s made the time go quicker or slower. She’s just started rolling over and can nearly sit up on her own.
She’s actually quite shy and will chat away all day to me and her dad but goes very quiet if we have visitors. She seems to have inherited my voice as she is really high pitched, although her nanny is convinced she is just imitating the guinea pigs!
She changes everyday now; yesterday her hair seemed to have got darker over night and this morning she seems to have grown half an inch in length.
As big as she has gotten she’s still on the smaller end of the growth chart in her red book but then that’s no surprise – I’m only 5 foot 1 and 3/4 of an inch!

A Trip to the Hop Farm

As Amelia is getting bigger and is more alert we are trying to take her on little trips more often so today we decided to take her to the Hop Farm. It was a really cheap day out as under 1’s enter for free and everyone else enters for £1! Inside there were lots of attractions including a small animal farm, a soft play area, an outdoor play area, crazy golf and several fairground type rides, although Amelia wasn’t quite big enough to appreciate the teacup ride yet!

We parked easily and as soon as we took her out of her car seat Amelia started looking around, awoken by the fresh farm air. She looked so cute in her little chequered shirt, jeans and converse.

looking at the animals

The bigger animals really caught her attention, particularly the horses.

looking at the horseys

After walking around for an hour and a half and having a bottle of milk, our little titchy princess was fast asleep in her daddy’s arms and ready to go home. For anyone who wanted to stay a bit longer there were plenty of places to get food; burger and chips in the soft play area; ice cream from the ice cream bar; fresh donuts from a snack stand and sandwiches from a little deli. It was a lovely afternoon and I can’t wait to take her there again once she’s walking around.