Snow, snow and more snow

Snow snow and more snow

I remember when I was at school. A few snowflakes and we’d all be praying that it was enough to get the day off school. The buses were always quickly cancelled and more often than not the school heating system would break.

Now I’m sitting watching the heaviest and most continuous snow fall I can ever remember seeing – hasn’t stopped for nearly five hours – and wishing my uni would also shut. (As of yet it has not but I have no intention of driving home in the dark at half six tonight in 10cm deep snow)

The trains to uni have already been cancelled and the junction I need on the motorway if I drive there is shut due to an accident.

I think these are all signs that Amelia and I should stay snuggled up on the sofa with a hot chocolate. The hearings on and we are both in warm comfy clothes.

On a different note look at the poor little cars outside

The Easy But Challenging Life as a Mum

The Easy But Challenging Life as a Mum

Maybe it’s because I had a rather awful and unhealthy pregnancy and Amelia’s first few weeks were hospital ones but everything since then hasn’t been particularly hard. A few people – ones that didn’t have children I might point out – were quick to tell me that I had no idea how hard I was going to find it. And I can happily say they were wrong.

I didn’t have any baby weight to lose, my tummy was almost flat the day after Amelia was born and within a week I was back in my size 8 jeans and nobody would believe I’d just had a baby. (I am well aware that I was very lucky with this and fully appreciate that other mums may struggle with this. Please bare in mind my diet has always been healthy with fruit as snacks and three balanced meals a day. If I lived on take aways I doubt I would have skimmed down so quickly.) I waited for the dreaded csection pouch but it never arrived – unless you see the scar and the two, 1cm long stretch marks under my belly button my tummy has been completely unchanged by the experience.

I was and still am extremely grateful for my body springing back so quickly – with my HG sickness, SPD and obstetric choleostasis my pregnancy was spent in a lot of hospitals. A struggle with my weight was not one I was looking forward to.

Amelia is one of the happiest babies. Everyone we encounter comments on how she never seems to cry. She doesn’t sleep through the night but there’s something so cute about her cuddling into me in the middle of the night. The lack of sleep can be easily forgiven. I am not a fan of cry it out or sleep training so am more than happy to cuddle her all night if that’s what she needs.

For us the biggest challenge – health problems aside – was the breast feeding. For us it just wasn’t working well enough to continue so at just past four months we swapped to formula and we are both happier for it. Expressing was incredibly time consuming for me returning to uni so we made the switch to formula and haven’t looked back.

Balancing uni, a clean flat, work and Amelia should be extremely difficult. But somehow it isn’t. I have days where it seems like I’ve given myself way too much to do but they pass and I get everything done.

If you’re reading this and worrying about your to do list, stop and take a few minutes to have a cup of tea and appreciate the things you have already done. If all you’ve achieved so far that day is a clean and fed baby then you are doing brilliantly already. If you’ve been trying to loose a few pounds and you manage half a pound last week when you wanted to be minus three then that’s still really good too! Every little bit adds up towards your overall goals.

Often we are our own worst enemy, piling on the pressure. There will always be someone who you can’t please but that’s okay. Your life is yours. If you need help ask. If you need a break take it. Judgemental people aren’t worthy of your time.

Winter is Here

For me, it is now officially winter. Today, for the first time since before spring, when I walked indoors my glasses steamed up. It was so cold outside that when I came back home, my glasses were so fogged up that I couldn’t see. The irony is not lost on me.

I took Amelia on our usual walk, Something we now can’t do without gloves, scarves and Amelia’s gorgeous snow suit, a fluffy penguin one from next that her nanny on her dads side bought her.


Aldi have got their Christmas range in now and I could have brought everything. I settled for buying one of their gorgeous scented candles. There were several to chose from and I very nearly bought one of each but I restrained myself.


I can’t wait to buy our decorations and celebrate our first Christmas in our first home as a little family of three (5 if you count the uncle pigs).

Uncle Pigs

Before Amelia was even in my tummy, Rob and I had two fluffy babies. Guineapigs called beep and nibble. They were a present from Rob for my nineteenth birthday and are spoilt rotten. Beep and nibble are the third pair of guineapigs I have owned and I think they make wonderful pets.

You may wonder about the names. Well I let Rob name them and that’s what he came up with. They have their own Instagram page @beep_and_nibble and have unlimited amounts of hay and fresh vegetables.

Now that Amelia is here they have quickly become ‘uncle pigs’. Amelia loves them although we have to watch her with them as her latest skill is hair pulling. Nibble often lives up to his namesake so we have to keep her fingers away from his mouth. She’s also a fan of pulling their ears so it’s more of a love hate relationship.

How do your little ones get on with your pets?

Day 26

Today’s post is a late one as Amelia and I have been out all day. She has spent most of the day aggravating her birthday twin Lily. Even in the trolley next to each other Amelia somehow managed to kick her in the back of the head which Lily actually seemed to find amusing. I’m sure when they are older they will be best friends.

Halloween is in a few days and we have already done the pumpkin picking and I have found Amelia a little Halloween outfit. To make Halloween a bit more of an event I was looking for something special to do for dinner and I came across these in tescos. Amelia isn’t quite big enough to eat them yet but I’ve no doubt little ones would love these.

Pumpkin Picking with the Pickle

Would it be Halloween month if we didn’t take the titchy princess pumpkin picking?

After seeing hundreds of posts and pictures of little ones sitting in pumpkin fields I finally caved and asked Rob if we could take Amelia pumpkin picking. We found a website for ‘pumpkin moon’, a place where you could go and pick your own pumpkins in Sandling, only s five minute drive from our home.

I made a major error in picking Amelia’s outfit. Instead of thinking about all the mud I only considered how cold it would be. I dressed her up in a lovely warm WHITE onesie. Despite my best efforts every time Amelia got anywhere near the ground she started kicking and inevitably ended up covered in dirt.

Yes I know. What an idiot I am. But regardless she had fun and she looked adorable. She wasn’t wonderfully cooperative with the photo taking but I got a couple of cute shots. Robs turned out better than mine.


I picked out various little pumpkins, all different colours and sizes. Now I have them I am not entirely sure what to do with them. Obviously there are the usual pumpkin pies, pumpkin soups etc. but I would liike to come up with something a bit different. Any suggestions are more than welcome. Of course I’m going to have a go at decorating one of them.

It was free to go into and there was a little burger stall and a maize so you could easily make an afternoon of it. I can’t wait until Amelia is a bit bigger and she can push one of the little kiddies wheel barrows round.

Life With a Little One

I’ve never hidden the fact that Amelia wasn’t planned. I was told when I was 14 I would need IVF to conceive or at the very least hormone tablets.
So when I found out I was pregnant I didn’t believe it.
Fast forward a year and Amelia is laying on my lap as I type, 16 weeks and 4 days old.
I had a lot of people tell me I wouldn’t be able to afford my car, I’d never have any money and I wouldn’t be able to continue my course at uni.
Well they were all wrong. My car is parked outside our flat and I finished my first year of uni and am anxiously waiting to receive my results on Monday.

How anyone could see Amelia as anything less than a blessing I don’t know. I still get to drive my little car, it just has a car seat in the back. I still get to go shopping, I just end up buying things for my titchy princess.