7 month update


Tomorrow Amelia is 7 months old. My tiny little baby – who went down to just over 5lbs after being poorly – is 7 months old!

So what has changed?
Then she was in micro nappies – the size below size 1 that are made specifically for premature babies. Now she is in size 3s.

A month old and still swamped by a size 1 nappy!

Then she was in tiny baby clothes with the sleeves rolled up. Now she is 6-9 months and her legs are long enough that they are not going to fit much longer.


Then she was only drinking milk. Now, as I write this, she’s eating a carrot puff from Aldi. She has porridge for breakfast and a little meal with a pudding for lunch and dinner. Her favourites at the moment are rice crispies, banana porridge, Ella’s kitchen strawberry and banana puffs and cottage pie.

Then she couldn’t keep her eyes open. Now she can sit, bum shuffle, stand if holding something, giggle and say ‘dada’.

Then she was in hospital, very poorly, with four hourly blood tests and photo therapy. Now she has been discharged and just has to be weighed every 3 weeks, more often than other babies her age because of the initial struggles.

Watching her grow every day is so much fun. She’s such a smiley, happy baby and every time we go shopping someone says how beautiful she is.

5 Must Haves for Babies First Christmas

Yes, I know it’s only October. But October is nearly over and Christmas is less than two months away. Instead of the usual gift guide I have put together a list of categories to give you ideas if you are stuck for gift buying. My Amelia will be 7 months old at Christmas. My partner and I have already agreed that we are not going to spend a lot as she won’t really understand and will be spoilt rotten by her uncles, grandparents and all our friends. Below are five things Amelia will have. All of them are priced under £20 and are perfect for little ones.

1) A Keepsake
We found this gorgeous ‘my first Christmas’ bauble in Clinton Cards. It is similar to a snow globe and has space for a photo. It’s really pretty and is a perfect reminder of Amelia’s first Christmas to hang on our tree every year.


2) A Bed Time Story
I’m a firm believer in a bed time routine. Once Amelia starts getting sleepy we bath her and give her her bedtime bottle. Our perfect story book is Find My Name in the Alphabet Train by Dr Niamh. It’s so well designed, colourful and is personalised with your little ones name. The character inside is also designed based on eye colour, hair colour and skin tone so your little one can actually find themself in the book . In the back you can choose a message to have written. It’s also something to keep in a memory box once your little one has out grown it. It’s available here.

3) Something to Play With
Amelia has plenty of toys but as she gets bigger and is learning she needs more stimulating things. I found these wonderful wooden puzzle sets on studio, they come in a wooden box which is personalised with your little ones name.


4) Something Warm and Cosy
For this category I picked a lovely soft pink dressing gown. Again this is personalised with her name and from studio. I think the personalisation on the gifts makes the presents extra special as they are for Amelia only.

5) Something to Eat
I haven’t bought this one yet but it is going to be a small selection box. One of the wonderful things about Christmas is the chance to eat a lot of yummy things that aren’t as readily available the rest of the year.

***  I was sent ‘find my name in the alphabet train’ for the purpose of this post. All opinions are my own  ***