Winter is Here

For me, it is now officially winter. Today, for the first time since before spring, when I walked indoors my glasses steamed up. It was so cold outside that when I came back home, my glasses were so fogged up that I couldn’t see. The irony is not lost on me.

I took Amelia on our usual walk, Something we now can’t do without gloves, scarves and Amelia’s gorgeous snow suit, a fluffy penguin one from next that her nanny on her dads side bought her.


Aldi have got their Christmas range in now and I could have brought everything. I settled for buying one of their gorgeous scented candles. There were several to chose from and I very nearly bought one of each but I restrained myself.


I can’t wait to buy our decorations and celebrate our first Christmas in our first home as a little family of three (5 if you count the uncle pigs).


So it’s November and the Christmas costa cups are back. We took a little trip to Canterbury high street today and I bought myself one of their Christmas drinks. Rob had a honeycomb latte and I had a black forest hot chocolate, both of which were delicious. However they are missing one of my favourite Christmas characters on their cups.

This year there is no penguin cup!

Anyone who knows me knows that I adore penguins. Half of the reason I love Christmas is because I can put penguin inspired items up everywhere and no one can comment because they are Christmas decorations. Penguin cushions, penguin bedding, penguin baubles, penguin shaped foods. (Admittedly I have penguin cushions and teddies that I keep up all year round but that’s not the point.)

I was extremely disappointed to find that costa are not using a penguin decorated cup this year. So I’m starting up a campaign. #bringbackthecostapenguin

Here is a picture of the adorable cups from last year