Easter Monday

So many people I know were celebrating having a long weekend. Well not for us. Retail, catering and emergency services don’t get bank holidays off. Everyone still wants to go out for dinner, do their shopping and see a doctor if they go to a and e.

Amelia’s dad and I both worked this morning, much to her annoyance. She likes having both of us with her all day, not one at a time. (Rob came in at half eight and ten minutes later I had to leave for work.) Daddy won a name the bunny competition at work – kind of although that’s a story for another time – and came home with this fluffy friend for Amelia.


To make up for me rushing out to work Amelia had a real treat for breakfast – strawberries with a mini chocolate chip hot cross bun and a bit of one of her Easter eggs – and has spent the time Ive been at work chilling in her pyjamas with her daddy.

Amelia did her usual rummage through the bags when I got back from work, looking for treats from the staff shop (luckily I got her juice cartons and baby ginger bread). Amelia’s nanny on her daddy’s side dropped round a chocolate egg which is being saved for later:


After all the excitement the little lady is now relaxing next to me with her juice watching CBeebies. Perfect way to spend the last day of Easter.

My little princess is one, five weeks today. When did she get so big?


Amelia, Great Nanny and I

Amelia is a very lucky little lady. She has not one, but three nannies that adore her. (Robs Mum, my mum and my mums Mum)  Not everyone is lucky enough to meet their great nans but Amelia is and so was I.

Yesterday we went along to see titchy princess’s great nanny and Amelia had a wonderful time. We went along Morrison’s so that Nan could get her food shopping and Amelia loved sitting in the trolley looking around. She is at the grabby stage at the moment and kept trying to add her own items to the trolley – at one point this included the small freezer in the middle of the aisle and she was genuinely disappointed that she couldn’t pull it along with the trolley.

Grabbing the nearest item – think it was lollies hanging down on a plastic strip this time

There were two really sweet older ladies that came and spoke to Amelia and she beamed back at them as they told her how pretty she was. She’s an adorable baby and she knows it. Even at six months old she appreciates a compliment.

Back at nans house Amelia got to sit and have her lunch (Ella’s kitchen vanilla and banana bread pudding and cow and gate lamb hotpot) watching the twirly woos. Her face in the picture below says enough.

Who doesn’t love the twirlywoos on CBeebies?
Happy little titchy