Baby’s First Christmas

Amelia will be 7 months old at Christmas. What on Earth do you get a seven month old? I know so many first time mums that have gone crazy and spent hundreds of pounds on gifts for their little ones only to find that on Christmas day their babies are more interested in the boxes and the wrapping paper than the presents inside.

So what have we decided to do for Amelia?

For us it’s not only Amelia’s first Christmas, but our first Christmas in our own home so it’s exciting. However we have decided that we are only going to buy her a few things and put aside the rest of the money we would have spent so that next Christmas when she is walking and more interested she can have more gifts.

Of course we could go into a toy shop and spend hundreds of pounds and we could just as easily spend a fortune on pretty dresses. But for one they don’t mean anything to her yet and for two she has reflux. That pretty £55 Spanish dress would be vommitted on in less than ten minutes and most likely stained beyond help.

Amelia has the following gifts so far:

1) three story books

2) a Minnie Mouse blanket

3) a Winnie the Pooh bib, sock and hair bow set

She will also have an outfit or two, a teddy and a few small toys i.e ones for in the bath and a shape sorter.

The quantity of parcels under the tree is by no means an indicator of how much our princess means to us. We don’t love her any less because we are not going to buy her expensive dresses and toys beyond her understanding. We just want to wait to buy her all those things until she’s a bit older. She is spoilt rotten by her nannies and already has a walker and a jumperoo. We want to wait and see what Titch is interested in, whether there is a colour she prefers or a character on the TV that she loves.