Food Amelia Couldn’t Live Without

1. Banana porridge
Amelia isn’t fussy if it’s cow and gate or aptamil as long as she gets her breakfast. She’ll eat other flavours if she has too but banana is her preference.
2. Fruity melty puffs
Amelia happily tucks into these as snacks or with her lunch (they are like baby wotsits). Her favourite ones are strawberry. Ella’s Kitchen strawberry and banana and kiddylicious strawberry puffs are two of Amelia’s favourites. If they aren’t available she’ll also tuck into carrot puffs from Aldi. She’s a growing girl and loves her food!
3. Yoghurts
Amelia particularly likes Yeo Valley – little yeo ones. Like the puffs if there are only alternatives available she’ll eat those too. Any fromage frais make her happy.
4. Rice crispies
Probably the strangest one on the list, Amelia has really taken to these. To start with I was putting these in her high chair tray so she could play with them whilst rob and I have dinner. (Unlike some things they are easy to clean up) In the last few weeks she stopped playing with them and started shoving them in her mouth. She loves the pop noise they make when they touch her tongue.

On another note – anyone else go to the shops and end up buying things they don’t need? Went over to Aldi to get baby milk and Amelia fell in love with a fluffy penguin. She was heart broken when I took it off her to pay for it. Who could resist that smile though?


20 Days til Christmas

We may have missed meat free Monday this week but little lady really enjoyed a vegetable lasagne for dinner this evening.


We’ve already decided we aren’t going to raise Amelia on a vegetarian diet but when I saw the range of Ella’s kitchen vegetable based meals I had to get some of them for Amelia to try. Amelia will eat anything and everything – at the moment she particularly likes paper – so her liking it wasn’t exactly surprising. She is a little piggy and loves her food. I can’t wait for Christmas when she can have her own little dinner.

20 days til Christmas today!

Things that are done:
All the presents have been paid for and most of them are wrapped
Our tree is up

Things still to do:
Write the Christmas cards
Take Amelia to see Father Christmas

How is everyone else’s Christmas lead up going?

Amelia, Great Nanny and I

Amelia is a very lucky little lady. She has not one, but three nannies that adore her. (Robs Mum, my mum and my mums Mum)  Not everyone is lucky enough to meet their great nans but Amelia is and so was I.

Yesterday we went along to see titchy princess’s great nanny and Amelia had a wonderful time. We went along Morrison’s so that Nan could get her food shopping and Amelia loved sitting in the trolley looking around. She is at the grabby stage at the moment and kept trying to add her own items to the trolley – at one point this included the small freezer in the middle of the aisle and she was genuinely disappointed that she couldn’t pull it along with the trolley.

Grabbing the nearest item – think it was lollies hanging down on a plastic strip this time

There were two really sweet older ladies that came and spoke to Amelia and she beamed back at them as they told her how pretty she was. She’s an adorable baby and she knows it. Even at six months old she appreciates a compliment.

Back at nans house Amelia got to sit and have her lunch (Ella’s kitchen vanilla and banana bread pudding and cow and gate lamb hotpot) watching the twirly woos. Her face in the picture below says enough.

Who doesn’t love the twirlywoos on CBeebies?
Happy little titchy

We ❤️ Ella’s Kitchen Part 2

Amelia is now 6 months old – nearly 7 and we are a big fan of Ella’s kitchen (see my previous post here).


We are doing a combination of baby led weaning and traditional weaning. (For information on these Ella’s kitchen is wonderful)
As she is getting the hang of eating I am always looking for more meals and snacks she can try. One of Amelia’s favourites is cow and gates spaghetti bolognaise. (Yes I will be making my own baby food but I can’t get it as smooth) Her favourite snack at the moment is the strawberry and banana melty puffs by Ella’s kitchen. They are easy for her to pick up and if she’s being cheeky she Holden one on each hand and tries to eat two at a time!

We went food shopping in Asda last week and found Ella’s kitchen vanilla and banana bread puddings. They sound yummy and Ella’s kitchen food is organic so is good all round. I also picked up two purees, thicker ones, so that Amelia can get used to lumpy food.
What are your little ones favourites?

Proud Mumma

Mum and I took Amelia shopping yesterday afternoon. By the end of our trip we were all hungry so decided to stop in Poppyfields pub and rotisserie on the way home. When we got there Amelia was asleep in her car seat so we carried her inside in it. The mother at the table across from us had my sympathy immediately. Her little girl was having a major tantrum, chucking anything in reach of her high chair on the floor. Menus, cutlery, napkins, sauce, chips, everything.

Mum ordered a hunters chicken and I ordered macaroni cheese – a pleasant surprise as on my last visit the main vegetarian option was a beetroot curry.


By the time our food came out Amelia was awake and I prepared for a tantrum like the Mum on the other table had had to deal with. But Amelia was an angel. She sat in her high chair and happily ate her Ella’s kitchen sweet potato and parsnip purée. I was so proud of her. My tiny baby all grown up eating her dinner in her high chair.

We ❤️ Ella’s Kitchen

Now that Amelia’s started having 2 ‘meals’ a day we have started introducing more variety. The docotors said that when Amelia was three months the old the best thing for her reflux was heavier milk and baby porridge. She has every flavour baby porridge available; plain, banana, apricot, summer fruits, orange. She also loves yoghurts.

As her coordination has got better and now that she’s a bit older she also has some foods that she can eat herself. Amelia loves Farleys Rusks – what baby doesn’t? – and like with her nappies I discover Ella’s kitchen thanks to another mum blogger.

Ella’s kitchen is a brand of baby food that uses all natural ingredients. They contain low amounts of sugar and fat and have a range of crisps that are perfect finger foods. Amelia loves the carrot and sweetcorn puffs.


We also found these new flavours to try

Where has my tiny baby gone?