An Unhappy Titchy Princess

Amelia has had a really bad few nights and just been generally unhappy, waking up at least every hour. She’s also been having a lot more milk.

This morning she has woken up a completely different baby, full of smiles again. She’s also grown out of her sleep suits overnight so it looks like all her grumbling and eating has been because of a growth spurt.

She’s started today off with some aptamil banana porridge, a bottle of milk and a play in her jumperoo.

It’s already sunny outside and Amelia is back to her happy self.

4 Months and Counting

Amelia was 16 weeks old yesterday – I know I can’t believe it either. She arrived three weeks early. I’m not sure if that’s made the time go quicker or slower. She’s just started rolling over and can nearly sit up on her own.
She’s actually quite shy and will chat away all day to me and her dad but goes very quiet if we have visitors. She seems to have inherited my voice as she is really high pitched, although her nanny is convinced she is just imitating the guinea pigs!
She changes everyday now; yesterday her hair seemed to have got darker over night and this morning she seems to have grown half an inch in length.
As big as she has gotten she’s still on the smaller end of the growth chart in her red book but then that’s no surprise – I’m only 5 foot 1 and 3/4 of an inch!