Halloween and PYO Pumpkins

Enjoying Autumn

You may remember that last year we took a tiny Amelia pumpkin picking. This year we thought we’d give it another go as she’s running around and loves exploring.

And it was certainly worth the trip! Today is the last day for PYO pumpkins at the field we went to I think. (Sandling road, Maidstone 10-4pm if you’re thinking of going.)

Surprisingly there were still hundreds of pumpkins left and amelia ran round the field finding all the diddy ones. She fell over. A lot. But she was laughing and chatting away and we ended up running round for nearly an hour. We did actually come home with three good sized pumpkins – spending a grand total of £5! A very cheap outing.

The little lady completely wore herself out and fell asleep in the car on the way home.
This is Amelia last year and then again yesterday. The difference is incredible and hard to believe. She’s growing up so quickly.


PYO pumpkins Maidstone Kent. Titchy princess

I am going to try and make some pumpkin cookies today. Last year I made all savoury things; soup, roasted seeds, pasta. If I’m successful I’ll post the recipe. I’m going to make some Halloween cakes as well (think lots of chocolate and Halloween sweets as decorations.)

We ended up with two adorable Halloween costumes for Amelia. To give her a chance to wear both she wore the adorable pumpkin dress to pick pumpkins – you can see it poking out the bottom of her coat – and the other one she will be wearing to go trick or treating. I can’t wait to see her face when she comes home with a bucket of treats.


I can’t be the only one with loads of pumpkins left! We went pumpkin picking and I went a little over board. At the time, compared to the other people’s wheelbarrows, I thought I hadn’t picked that many pumpkins.

Last night I finally used up the remaining pumpkins or most of them. For once I was actually quite organised in the kitchen and managed to prepare dinner for last night and tonight and made a little snack from the left overs for Rob – chilli roasted pumpkin seeds!

The first thing I used the pumpkins for was last nights dinner – vegetable stew and dumplings. Of course I used vegetable suet for the dumplings but they were still delicious. Pumpkin aside, the stew was made up of onions, leeks, carrots and gravy. The perfect meal for a cold winter evening.


Tonights dinner is a pumpkin cottage pie which I made while last nights stew was cooking. Instead of the usual array of vegetables I replaced some of them with little bits of pumpkin. The seeds that I scooped out of the pumpkin I saved and fried in oil with salt, dried garlic and chilly seeds.



Next year I’ll remember not to buy so many pumpkins! There are only so many things you can disguise them in before all you are eating is pumpkin flavoured everything.

Halloween Feast

This week seems to have flown by. I had intended to write about my mini Halloween feast the day after Halloween but it just didn’t happen.

We had so many pumpkins from our little pumpkin picking outing that I decided to try and make pumpkin soup. Essentially all I did was chop up the pumpkin and an onion, cook them in butter and add stock. Obviously I added salt and pepper and blended it but it was otherwise really simple. And it was actually really nice. I also used the pumpkin seeds and roasted them with chilli.


My mini Halloween feast included a bowl of pumpkin soup, devil dog courtesy of Tesco (black coloured hot dogs with green coloured ketchup), soldiers (sticks of toast), sweet potato fries and witches fingers (mozzarella sticks in a green bread crumb coating with tomato relish). It looked really good and Halloweeny and tasted really nice too.


I still have a few pumpkins left so may do some pumpkin spaghetti or a pumpkin pie. Halloween this year was so much fun and Amelia looked adorable in her little pumpkin vest and green cardigan.


Last Minute Halloween Prep

The day before Halloween and I realised Amelia didn’t have a trick or treat bucket and that I hadn’t bought any little sweet treats for any potential trick or treaters. (Unlikely as I live in a block of flats with a buzzer system but there are little ones living in the other 5 flats in my block so you never know).

I go to university in Canterbury so I was able to pop into the high street after my lecture. I walked in and out of a few shops and all the Halloween shelves were a mess with people rummaging through the remaining items. Finally I went in Poundland and found that they still had an entire aisle of Halloween fancy dress items, banners, decorations, paper plates and bags.

Does anyone else find that they go in a ship for one thing and come out with three? I’m really bad for doing that. I tried to be sensible this time as we really didn’t need anything else but I still came out with a little extra halloween treat for Amelia.

How cute is this halloween themed peppa pig sticker set? Amelia, like most little ones, adores peppa pig and sits giggling in her chair watching it most mornings. She will probably try and eat the sticker book but I couldn’t resist getting it anyway.


Day 26

Today’s post is a late one as Amelia and I have been out all day. She has spent most of the day aggravating her birthday twin Lily. Even in the trolley next to each other Amelia somehow managed to kick her in the back of the head which Lily actually seemed to find amusing. I’m sure when they are older they will be best friends.

Halloween is in a few days and we have already done the pumpkin picking and I have found Amelia a little Halloween outfit. To make Halloween a bit more of an event I was looking for something special to do for dinner and I came across these in tescos. Amelia isn’t quite big enough to eat them yet but I’ve no doubt little ones would love these.

Pumpkin Picking with the Pickle

Would it be Halloween month if we didn’t take the titchy princess pumpkin picking?

After seeing hundreds of posts and pictures of little ones sitting in pumpkin fields I finally caved and asked Rob if we could take Amelia pumpkin picking. We found a website for ‘pumpkin moon’, a place where you could go and pick your own pumpkins in Sandling, only s five minute drive from our home.

I made a major error in picking Amelia’s outfit. Instead of thinking about all the mud I only considered how cold it would be. I dressed her up in a lovely warm WHITE onesie. Despite my best efforts every time Amelia got anywhere near the ground she started kicking and inevitably ended up covered in dirt.

Yes I know. What an idiot I am. But regardless she had fun and she looked adorable. She wasn’t wonderfully cooperative with the photo taking but I got a couple of cute shots. Robs turned out better than mine.


I picked out various little pumpkins, all different colours and sizes. Now I have them I am not entirely sure what to do with them. Obviously there are the usual pumpkin pies, pumpkin soups etc. but I would liike to come up with something a bit different. Any suggestions are more than welcome. Of course I’m going to have a go at decorating one of them.

It was free to go into and there was a little burger stall and a maize so you could easily make an afternoon of it. I can’t wait until Amelia is a bit bigger and she can push one of the little kiddies wheel barrows round.

All Things Autumnal


I reread that word a few times wondering if I had spelt it correctly.

There’s so many lovely things to see and do in Autumn. There’s all the beautiful colours; green grass, red and brown fallen leaves, early sunsets, orange pumpkins, red skies in the morning.

As I’ve mentioned previously I try and take Amelia for a walk everyday so that she can get some fresh air. I love wrapping her up in her little coat and hat, tucking the blankets round her in her pram.


She is so alert now and loves looking around. There are so many trees around our area and with the leaves falling off they look a little different everyday. It makes it so interesting for Amelia, giving her something new to look at every day.

Aside from the gorgeous autumnal colours of the outdoors there are also some beautiful coloured clothes about for the season. Amelia hasn’t got many clothes for the winter and all the cosy little jumpers and woolly tights that are now in shops are perfect for making her look cute and keeping her warm. I may even be able to find us matching jumpers.

I would love to take Amelia pumpkin picking. I know she’s not big enough to understand yet but she really likes people watching and the bright colour of the pumpkins would really catch her attention.



Meal Time Fun Halloween Style

So I was sitting on the floor trying to coax an unhappy, tired titchy princess into having a nap, wondering what to write about for todays post when I found this months issue of the free magazine Tesco give out in stores. How did it end up on the floor, I am sure you are wondering? Well for some unknown reason, probably because I was half asleep, yesterday I decided to unpack the shopping onto the floor in our room and when Rob helped me put it away the magazine had got left on the floor.

This months the magazines theme is, unsurprisingly, Halloween. I’ll be honest, the doughnuts pictured on the front were what made me open it. I flicked through it, hoping to reach the doughnut page quickly, and instead found myself reading all the other recipes. If you are planning a Halloween party then definitely go and find yourself a copy of the magazine as there are loads of really good ideas for buffet food and cakes in there.

Whoever wrote this months issue must have done so with me in mind, as there is an entire segment dedicated to vegetarian food and a recipe for ‘mini brain fondue’ – and who doesn’t love a big pot of melted cheese to dip their food in?


I will definitely be trying out the recipe, my one attempt at Halloween themed cooking. If you have older babies this would also be a good way to get them to eat their veggies!




Halloween Prep

I know everyone’s now planning for Christmas but for our little family with our perfect titchy princess there is another event at the end of the month…
We’ve never been big on celebrating Halloween in my family but once you have a baby everything is more exciting.
Amelia’s five months old now and I love an excuse to spoil her. I made her up a little Halloween bag. It contains:

1- a Halloween bib from Sainsbury’s
2 – a pumpkin vest from pep and co
3 – a little book I found in our local charity shop


(Amelia’s daddy also has a Halloween goody bag but we can’t write about it yet as he is probably going to read this)

As much as I like the look of all the fancy costumes, Amelia just doesn’t need them. She will look adorable in her little orange pumpkin vest and it will be a lovely keepsake. When she’s old enough to go trick or treating, then we will go all out with a full costume.

For a little Halloween treat for older babies and adults too I found these fun limited edition muller corner yoghurts, strawberry flavour with chocolate biscuit skulls


What are you doing to celebrate Halloween this year?