Changing Bag Essentials

Changing Bag Essentials

No changing bag would be functional without them. At the moment we are using peppa pig little angels pants from asda. I am a big fan of kit and kin nappies but with all of Amelia’s climbing and crawling the tabs on nappies just aren’t staying done up. So the pants are brilliant.

Johnson’s moisturiser
This moisturiser smells wonderful and is currently on sale for £1.25 in the asda baby event. It’s worked wonders on Amelia’s dry patches of skin and the scent of it is appealing yet subtle.

Kit and kin magic salve
This nappy cream is a must have. With all natural ingredients and an almost herbal smell it is extra kind to baby skin and works like a dream. If Amelia is looking a bit red then a little of this magic salve and by the next nappy change there’s a noteable improvement.

Baby wipes
Not to be forgotten – although I have done in the past and ended up having to buy them whilst out – baby wipes are an essential I couldn’t imagine not having. Kit and kin wipes are lovely, as are asda fragrance free ones. At the moment we are using the boots fragrance free wipes. (Boots baby club means you get 10 points per pound instead of the normal 4.)

As Amelia gets older I’ve been packing lighter. Her reflux doesn’t necessitate three changes of clothes and six Muslims anymore so it’s not such a mission every time we go out. Trying to take a nice photo for this post didn’t go so well. As you can see below Amelia decided she wanted the magic salve.


Child’s Farm

I am alwas looking for new products to try for my baby girl. Kit and Kin nappies were a wonderful find, thanks to another mummy blogger.

Child’s Farm is a lovely brand that makes products that are natural but still properly tested which are particularly good for sensitive skin.

I’ve seen the products in boots a few times and thought I should give them a try. We change Amelia’s nappies ever hour or so meaning we use a lot of baby wipes.

Some natural products don’t smell very nice but these Child’s Farm fragrance free wipes didn’t have that all natural outdoorsy type smell. They were really soft and gentle and definitely had Amelia approval!


Child’s Farm kindly sent me these wipes to review but if you’d like to purchase any they are available from their website here.


Kit and Kin: My New Nappy Obsession

Recently I have discovered the brand ‘kitandkin’, thanks to another mummy blogger I follow on Instagram.

Kit and Kin is an eco nappy brand that sells biodegradable nappies, wipes and nappy sacks. They also do a range of bath products using all natural ingredients, making them good for the environment and really gentle on sensitive skin. The nappy brand is founded by Emma Bunton and is becoming increasingly popular.

I first purchased the nappies a month ago when I noticed that Amelia’s nappies were irritating her tummy a little. Her dad and I both have very sensitive skin, having both suffered with eczema, so we are especially careful with what products we buy to use on Amelia.

Kit and Kin offer a subscription service that delivers four packs of nappies every month. You can also add wipes or nappy sacks and everything is delivered to you, making the service very convenient.

I love their nappies as they come in several designs, with an animal on the bum. If you would like to try them for yourself you can find them here.

kit and kin uk styles

5 Things in Amelia’s Changing Bag

1) Nappies and lots of them! We normally end up changing Amelia every hour. At the moment she has kit and kin nappies which are so cute

2) Metanium nappy ointment – after having a horrible reaction to a new nappy cream this one has been a life saver         3) Two changes of clothes – her reflux means we never make it through a trip out without at least one outfit change
4) Milks. As if this even needs to be on the list. Amelia would be extremely unhappy without her milks.
5) Teddy – Amelia loves something to hold onto now she’s moving about a lot more

little cutie