Mental Health and the Stigma

Mental health

Mental health is a subject in the public eye a lot at the moment. As I write this I can easily name ten bloggers that are open and honest about their mental health struggles. This is something I’ve been reminded of in a uni lecture last week, a lecture about mental health and violence.

Mental health covers a whole range of disorders, illnesses and conditions. Often mental health disorders are portrayed horribly in the media. Newspapers are particularly awful for blaming violent incidents on those with mental health conditions. As a society we are being far more conscious and considerate of mental health conditions and related treatments but we do have a long way to go.

There is still very much this idea that crazy people are out wielding knifes and axes and attacking members of the general public. This is partly as a result of the media blaming violent behaviours on individuals who should be sectioned. In reality those suffering with depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder are not usually violent. And if they are it is often because of a trigger event or a lack of treatment. The lack of treatment is the area we should be focused on fixing. The bigger problem is that those with mental health problems are more likely to be victims of crime.

Mental health services are often very difficult to access. Some areas have year long waiting lists to receive an assessment. This means that sometimes those individuals don’t receive help until they have caused themselves or someone else harm. This is too late.

It’s brilliant that we as a society are encouraging people to ask for help but the help offered needs to be in a timely manner.

Charitys that you can contact:
Cruse bereavement care
Rape crisis England and Wales
Relate – for counselling regarding relationships
Samaritans – to talk about any problems at any time
Victim support – a service for those who have been victims of or witness to crime

So if you are reading this and aren’t sure where to go to ask for help either visit your GP or contact the charities above. Nhs website is also a good place to start.

5 Ways to Stay Happy and Mentally Healthy #1

This week in the first installment of 5 Ways to Stay Happy and Mentally Healthy we welcome Amy, from lifestyleandcookies.

Hello, Lucy’s lovely readers&followers,
I am Amy from over at lifestyleandcookies and I can’t wait to share this blog post with you!
I recently came across Lucy’s tweet about doing a guest post, about 5 things I do to keep happy. Mental health is so important to me, and keeping happy is definitely the main factor and a focus in my life. Everyone is different and everyone finds keeping themselves happy in different ways! But here are 5 ways that I keep myself happy!

1.Reading a book: I love reading a book. From a very young age, I have loved to read, and as I have grown up reading a book is a way to keep myself happy. I feel a book simply does the trick! I love getting involved and invested in a book, whether it is just to occupy myself with something else and involving myself in another person’s life. It makes me feel happier, and more at ease with myself. It also develops my imagination and creativity, so perfect for blog post writing!


2.  Blog post planning: I love blog post planning! Blog post planning makes me so happy, as it kind of gets me away from a bad mood and uplifts my mood! It definitely makes me feel happier when I get a nice response to a blog post, it makes me happier! Blog post planning, I also know that once my blog post is up, it can help one of my readers.


3. Having a bubble bath: A bubble bath is one of my favourite things to do. I love having a bubble bath to clear my mind and just relax my brain and muscles. I love having a lush bubble bath, as I love the scent and the bubbles it creates. I sometimes use my Zoella bubble bath as well, as I love the sweet smell. Having a bath lets me think and reflect on my day, so I definitely love having a bubble bath. I have been using the Champney’s bubble soap recently!

4. Listening to music: Listening to some good and happy music makes my mood better. I love listening to music, as I am focusing on the song, and also an upbeat song, makes me want to dance along! This definitely makes me feel happier!


5. Gym: I know the gym! How boring? Recently, I have been going to the gym a lot more! Not only is it good for your body, but it is good for the mind. When you exercise it produces more endorphins (happy hormones) and makes you less tired and agitated. Going to the gym makes me feel less tired and more motivated to go and do something! The gym makes me feel less stressed and happier!!!


(Little Mix Range at sports direct)

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post!
Amy x

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