7 month update


Tomorrow Amelia is 7 months old. My tiny little baby – who went down to just over 5lbs after being poorly – is 7 months old!

So what has changed?
Then she was in micro nappies – the size below size 1 that are made specifically for premature babies. Now she is in size 3s.

A month old and still swamped by a size 1 nappy!

Then she was in tiny baby clothes with the sleeves rolled up. Now she is 6-9 months and her legs are long enough that they are not going to fit much longer.


Then she was only drinking milk. Now, as I write this, she’s eating a carrot puff from Aldi. She has porridge for breakfast and a little meal with a pudding for lunch and dinner. Her favourites at the moment are rice crispies, banana porridge, Ella’s kitchen strawberry and banana puffs and cottage pie.

Then she couldn’t keep her eyes open. Now she can sit, bum shuffle, stand if holding something, giggle and say ‘dada’.

Then she was in hospital, very poorly, with four hourly blood tests and photo therapy. Now she has been discharged and just has to be weighed every 3 weeks, more often than other babies her age because of the initial struggles.

Watching her grow every day is so much fun. She’s such a smiley, happy baby and every time we go shopping someone says how beautiful she is.

Looking After Amelia is Enough

Yesterday me and Amelia were both feeling poorly so we cuddled up on the sofa with a blanket, a cup of tea for me and Netflix.

Little lady is really liking music at the moment so we spent the afternoon watching all the guilty pleasure, girly, sing a long type films. She had her eyes glued to the screen for Mamma Mia and bless her heart she tried so hard to stay awake through Pitch Perfect 2 but she just couldn’t keep her eyes open.


When rob got home I felt like I had to apologise. I hadn’t washed up, dinner wasn’t ready, the wet washing was still on the side and Amelia’s toys were all over the floor. Only, instead of going ‘it’s okay don’t worry’ like I expected him to, he asked ‘what for?’. I told him, I haven’t done anything all day. He started doing the washing up and gave me the perfect answer, ‘you’ve looked after Amelia all day. That’s more than enough’.

I think sometimes us mums need reminding that if all we did all day was look after the little ones then that is more than enough. Yes the housework needs doing, the dishes need cleaning, the clothes need drying and the kitchen floor needs mopping but that can all wait. As long as Amelia is happy and looked after then I’ve done more than enough. If Rob is happy with that then I should be too.