Must haves for a cosy Christmas

Making your home cosy at Christmas doesn’t have to cost the Earth. Just a few homely touches here and there and a few pounds will make the family warmer and comfier.

I found some gorgeous reindeer tea light holders from studio. Tea lights are really cheap and come in so many different scents so we can use these holders again and again. I also have a beautiful spiced orange candle from Aldi’s Christmas range. At £3.99 it was a bargain

Dressing gowns
I have a lovely fluffy pink one that my boyfriend got me for our second anniversary. It’s from primark and they stock so many different colours and styles

I don’t actually have any at the moment but am hoping to get some for Christmas. I really like the look of the soft fluffy memory foam ones that are popular at the moment. There is a lovely pair in new look but as long as they are soft and comfy I’m not fussy. I’d particularly like a cream or pink pair. (Hint hint Rob if you are reading this.)

Hot chocolate
What better way to spend a cold evening that snuggled in a dressing gown and slippers with scented candles and a mug of hot chocolate. Options have a strawberry hot chocolate that sounds wonderful.

This is more one for the little people than the adults. Amelia picked a cuddly penguin out in Aldi – literally she grabbed it from the shelf whilst sitting in the trolley. A soft toy is perfect for little ones to cuddle up with on the sofa whilst watching peppa pig. Amelia was not in a modelling mood and below is the best picture I could get.


Excuse to shop

Having a baby means there is one thing you get to do a lot of; shop. When you’re pregnant you spend hours looking at adorable baby clothes, choosing a pram, finding the perfect crib bedding and searching for clothes that will fit over your ever expanding belly.

And then the little one is here and you realise you didn’t get the things you really needed; saline drops for a blocked nose; a parasol for on the pram when the British summer turns out to be unusually sunny and a dozen extra muslins because your little one ends up with reflux.

Just when you think you have everything your little bundle of joy could possibly need your tiny baby has a growth spurt and suddenly none of their clothes fit. Now for us this didn’t happen so quickly. Everyone told me not to bother buying newborn sized clothes as they would only fit for a week maximum. Well as it turned out Amelia was so small that for the first three weeks she needed premature nappies and tiny baby clothes. We literally had nothing that fitted her.

Fast forward three months and my titchy princess is now fifteen weeks old and wearing size three to six months. I dragged my boyfriend shopping, settled Amelia in her pram and proceeded to buy half of Primark.

Reflux babies sick A LOT. A bib and muslin aren’t enough. We go through at least 4 muslins a day. So we have to buy a lot of clothes. Because each muslin means a new outfit as she’s managed to sick through the muslin onto her clothes.

The outfit in the photo was one my favourites. A chequered shirt, baby jeggings and a little sweatshirt.