Amelia’s Wardrobe

IMG_2717Amelia’s clothes are more practical than princess. Thanks to her reflux she is sick at least ten times a day resulting in 3 or more outfit changes, 4 or more bibs and at least 3 muslin cloths. If she’s laying down at the time of projectile vommitting she usually gives herself a horrible hair wash. It is not unusual for her to need three or four baths a day.

Her reflux means she needs a lot of clothes. Forget the quantities of vests that mother care and cow and gate recommend on their websites. 12 vests would never be enough unless I want to be doing a few loads of washing a day.

Most of her clothes come from h and m, primark, Tesco or mothercare. She’s also got a lot of clothes passed on from friends and family.


As much as I see the appeal to the gorgeous designer clothes and intricately made Spanish dresses, for us they just aren’t practical. They aren’t designed to be sicked all over and the few pretty dresses she does have end up being taken off after her first bottle. Princess dresses just don’t look the same with a bib.

If she has a particularly cute outfit on I try and get a picture before I put her bib on, hoping I manage it before she sicks – and no this doesn’t always work.

The photo below is more accurate – bib and muslin and a blanket just incase the muslin doesn’t catch everything.


(The shirt and baby jeggings are Primark, the love floral tracksuit is from Morrisons and the Gap outfit is a set I found on facebay.)


A Day in the Life of the Titchy Princess

4:30 am

Amelia wakes up for milks – during the night she is breast fed. Even though it’s really early in the morning she is full of energy and will kick her little legs and giggle at me. Rob is at work by now so she goes back to sleep on our bed.

8am ish

Amelia is awake. Now is when she has her first bottle, watching TV with me and having a cuddle whilst we wait for daddy to get home from work.

8:30 am

Rob is home and takes over titch duties whilst I do the washing and put away the things on the dish drainer from the night before. Usually for Amelia this starts with a cuddle on daddy’s lap and a change of clothes. Her reflux means her first bottle comes straight back up so her daddy takes her into her room to change her nappy and swap her sleepsuit for leggings, a vest and a bib.

10:30 am

By now after a couple of hours of giggling, wriggling and watching TV Amelia is ready for a nap. She doesn’t like sleeping in her crib during the day so she normally ends up napping on the sofa next to her dad or laying on my chest.

12:30 am

Lunch time for me and rob and another bottle for Amelia. She’s just started having a bit of baby porridge as it’s meant to help with her reflux. Her favourite is banana flavour. We make it up with breast milk. After her lunch has settled in her tummy, Amelia has a play on her mat under her baby gym. By now we are usually on outfit number two. On a bad day we are on outfit number three or four. Most baby websites say 10-12 nappies in 24 hours is average. If we go through less than 20 I would be really surprised. Titch doesn’t like having a wet bum at all!

2:30 pm

Amelia has her second nap. Her daddy goes to see his friends so we have a tidy up and watch NCIS reruns on the TV.

6:30 pm

Daddy comes home. Amelia has a cuddle while I get dinner ready. Whilst its cooking Amelia has her bath – she’s a real water baby and would stay in there all day if she could – and snuggles in her sleep suit and her blanket.

7:30 pm

Amelia has her bedtime milks whilst Rob and I eat dinner. By 8 pm she is usually asleep on the sofa and we pick her up and lay her in her crib. She sleeps for about eight or nine hours.

4:30 am

We do it all over again!

Excuse to shop

Having a baby means there is one thing you get to do a lot of; shop. When you’re pregnant you spend hours looking at adorable baby clothes, choosing a pram, finding the perfect crib bedding and searching for clothes that will fit over your ever expanding belly.

And then the little one is here and you realise you didn’t get the things you really needed; saline drops for a blocked nose; a parasol for on the pram when the British summer turns out to be unusually sunny and a dozen extra muslins because your little one ends up with reflux.

Just when you think you have everything your little bundle of joy could possibly need your tiny baby has a growth spurt and suddenly none of their clothes fit. Now for us this didn’t happen so quickly. Everyone told me not to bother buying newborn sized clothes as they would only fit for a week maximum. Well as it turned out Amelia was so small that for the first three weeks she needed premature nappies and tiny baby clothes. We literally had nothing that fitted her.

Fast forward three months and my titchy princess is now fifteen weeks old and wearing size three to six months. I dragged my boyfriend shopping, settled Amelia in her pram and proceeded to buy half of Primark.

Reflux babies sick A LOT. A bib and muslin aren’t enough. We go through at least 4 muslins a day. So we have to buy a lot of clothes. Because each muslin means a new outfit as she’s managed to sick through the muslin onto her clothes.

The outfit in the photo was one my favourites. A chequered shirt, baby jeggings and a little sweatshirt.