Poorly Princess

This week I have a very poorly bubba. She has her first cold and her poor little face is so pale and sad. Her nose is streaming, her cheeks and nose are all red and she has the cutest little cough.

But she’s still a smiley little baby and her little face lights up when her daddy walks in.

Yesterday was the worst day for her cold, although Friday and Saturday she was sneezing a lot and doing her cute, tongue sticking out cough. Last night she didn’t fall asleep until half past eleven, when she normally goes to bed around half past seven, and she’s been napping every half an hour or so today.

I’ve taken the day off of uni to look after my poorly little lady and we are snuggled up on the sofa. Amelia is dosed up on calpol and has her softest trousers and jumper on. She’s had her lunch and her breakfast so thankfully I know she’s not hungry or dehydrated but she’s very sniffly and her breathing is very loud when she’s asleep. She’s dribbling like a tap and her top two teeth have nearly cut her gums so she’s not having a good time of it at the moment.

I’m hoping she will sleep it off and her horrible cold will be gone as quickly as it appeared. She still smiles for the camera, please excuse all the dribble down her top.