Peppa Pig Muddy Puddle Cakes

With the weather cold and icy it’s not always easy to keep the little ones entertained in doors. Amelia is crawling and trying to walk now and the little monster doesn’t like being confined to the living room. She likes being a free titch and it’s hard work trying to keep her distracted – she’d much rather be emptying the drawers in our bedroom or tipping over the bin in the bathroom.

One thing that is brilliant for distraction the little mess making tornado is chocolate. Chocolate cake. Chocolate buttons. Hot chocolate. Chocolate ice cream. Amelia is not fussy.

So one of the activities we did together last week was making these peppa pig muddy puddle cakes.


Amelia helped with the mixing, although her favourite part was decorating them with the chocolate icing. Most of it ended up in her mouth and on the floor but for half an hour she was happily entertained. Amelia loves being the diddy chef.

They weren’t beautifully decorated but Amelia had fun and she thought that were delicious. The mix cost me £1.25 in Tesco and there’s even a competition the little ones can enter on the side. Cheap and messy fun. Between the making and the eating Amelia was entertained for most of the morning.



Fareshare is a charity that was established in 1994. In its 23 years it has expanded and helped thousands of people. As of this year it has 21 distribution centres. They collect surplus food and donations and redistribute it to those that need it.

In the lead up to Christmas it is hard not to think of those that won’t be in a warm home eating a huge roast on Christmas Day. It is easy to donate food as fareshare work with asda, Sainsbury’s, co-op and Tesco. I have made sure to put a few items in the collection point at my local Tesco when I have been doing my food shopping. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive; Tesco have an everyday value range and items are as little as 15p.

Kiddylicious also have a Christmas themed game on their website at the moment where you fill in your email address and name and can ‘shake’ a snow globe. You can play five times a day and the prizes range from hampers and trips to donations the company will make to fareshare on your behalf.

Fareshare are not the only company that you can donate food. Wherever you are in the country there are local food banks. Even if you can’t donate food they are always looking for volunteers. A simple google search will let you know what food banks operate in your local area.

Christmas trees and all things sparkly

What’s on our tree?

This year, as it is our first Christmas in our own home, we had to buy all our decorations. My mum, Amelia’s nanny, bought our decorations as our Christmas gift. Our tree is stood on a little table by our front room window so we selected a five foot tree. We have gone quite traditional; green tree with red and gold decorations.

One of my favourites is our ‘Amelia Skye’ bauble which I mentioned in a previous post. I purchased it from a lady on Facebook but there are many companies offering personalised Christmas decorations.

Personalised decorations

We took Amelia to Newnham court shopping village – one of the trips on my things to do in Kent post – and I purchased this adorable reindeer bauble and a pretty gold sequin covered one.

The reindeers on the top of our tree also came from Nenham court shopping village.


We found this cute gingerbread man in tescos along with the sparkly bells.

If you are doing Christmas on a budget Poundland had some lovely bits, one of which is this gorgeous sparkly reindeer. They had them in a variety of colours, although I stuck with gold for our theme.


Christmas is the perfect excuse for lots of glitter and sparkles ✨

Costa, walks and snowsuits

Another day, another costa.

Today we went for a walk up to costa with Amelia’s daddy. I of course got a Black Forest hot chocolate and rob had a honeycomb latte. Amelia had her warm milk and was snuggled up in her pushchair in her gorgeous fluffy penguin suit from next.

With it being so cold outside it’s so important that your little ones are wrapped up warm. Here are five snowsuits I’m in love with this winter:

Fluffy white snow suit from Mothercare at £32


Blue animal print snow suit from next at £40-£45


Blue shower resistant fur trim snow suit for £15 from Tesco


Winnie the Pooh snowsuit from asda for £11


Monkey snowsuit for £20 from Marks and Spencer’s


***all images were taken from the websites attached***

Meal Time Fun Halloween Style

So I was sitting on the floor trying to coax an unhappy, tired titchy princess into having a nap, wondering what to write about for todays post when I found this months issue of the free magazine Tesco give out in stores. How did it end up on the floor, I am sure you are wondering? Well for some unknown reason, probably because I was half asleep, yesterday I decided to unpack the shopping onto the floor in our room and when Rob helped me put it away the magazine had got left on the floor.

This months the magazines theme is, unsurprisingly, Halloween. I’ll be honest, the doughnuts pictured on the front were what made me open it. I flicked through it, hoping to reach the doughnut page quickly, and instead found myself reading all the other recipes. If you are planning a Halloween party then definitely go and find yourself a copy of the magazine as there are loads of really good ideas for buffet food and cakes in there.

Whoever wrote this months issue must have done so with me in mind, as there is an entire segment dedicated to vegetarian food and a recipe for ‘mini brain fondue’ – and who doesn’t love a big pot of melted cheese to dip their food in?


I will definitely be trying out the recipe, my one attempt at Halloween themed cooking. If you have older babies this would also be a good way to get them to eat their veggies!