Shopping for the Princess

For anyone who knows me, you’ll know that I wear a lot of clothing that is dark coloured, or a bit ‘alternative’ (not a word I’m personally a fan of but it seems that a lot of clothing websites use this word.)

Adult clothing that’s ‘alternative’ is quite easy to come by. Kids and toddler clothing, not so much.

I picked up a particularly cute shirt for Amelia at the tattoo convention at Detling, earlier this year.  If you haven’t been before, I really recommend popping along next year. Here is the link if you want to take a look at the website.) I’ve also found a few nice bits in places like H&M, Zara, Next ect.


But I am always looking for new places to shop for my little lady.

I , like a lot of people these days, spend a lot of time on Instagram. A lot of businesses now use it too and there are a fair few handmade clothing companies that advertise through the site.

One site I particularly like at the moment is ‘Mini Mosher’. It is run by a lovely lady called Clare who makes dresses, skirts, scratch mits, bibs and other bits, all in more alternative prints. I got Amelia the most adorable traditional tattoo style skirt. It’s got an elasticated waist and washes really well so perfect for my crazy toddler. If you want to have a little look you can find the Instagram page here


I am always looking for more cute kids clothes so if anyone has any recommendations I’d be happy to have them.

***this is not an ad – these are two items I really like and the Instagram page is one I love***

2 Years Old

Birthday Cake 2nd Birthday Princess Baby Girl

2 Year Update

Amelia’s birthday was the beginning of last month. It seems like she’s gone from this tiny little thing that blinks up at me to a mini person over night.

She asks questions and has things she wants to do. She sings nursery rhymes – twinkle twinkle is one of her favourites – and if you ask her what she wants for dinner she’ll answer you. Today she made her own sandwich, buttering the bread and gently placing the filling in between the slices. (I can’t take the credit for that one – she learned that with her daddy.)

She had her two year review and got 60/60 for every section. She’s doing so well both at home and nursery. She’s the sweetest child and always says please and thank you. She says sorry whenever she thinks she’s done something wrong – even to inanimate objects when she walks into them.

She’s so tall – already in age 3-4 clothes. She helps herself to snacks, even getting ice lollies out of the freezer.

Getting photos of her sitting still now is virtually impossible but Rob took a cute one of her taking our drinks this morning when we went out of breakfast so here it is: