Christmas trees and all things sparkly

What’s on our tree?

This year, as it is our first Christmas in our own home, we had to buy all our decorations. My mum, Amelia’s nanny, bought our decorations as our Christmas gift. Our tree is stood on a little table by our front room window so we selected a five foot tree. We have gone quite traditional; green tree with red and gold decorations.

One of my favourites is our ‘Amelia Skye’ bauble which I mentioned in a previous post. I purchased it from a lady on Facebook but there are many companies offering personalised Christmas decorations.

Personalised decorations

We took Amelia to Newnham court shopping village – one of the trips on my things to do in Kent post – and I purchased this adorable reindeer bauble and a pretty gold sequin covered one.

The reindeers on the top of our tree also came from Nenham court shopping village.


We found this cute gingerbread man in tescos along with the sparkly bells.

If you are doing Christmas on a budget Poundland had some lovely bits, one of which is this gorgeous sparkly reindeer. They had them in a variety of colours, although I stuck with gold for our theme.


Christmas is the perfect excuse for lots of glitter and sparkles ✨

Christmas is on the way

With Christmas just over four weeks away I think I have brought most things. Everyone’s presents are either here and wrapped or on order. We’ve brought all our Christmas decorations – most of them from Tesco – although we aren’t putting them up until the 1st of December. (I confess the only reason they are still in boxes is because Robs birthday is end of November and I don’t want to put them up before his birthday.)

I keep picking up bits for Amelia. The latest Christmas item is a hair bow which I ordered from ‘ribbon and bows.’ a lovely company on Facebook and Instagram.


We’ve wrapped all of Amelia’s presents and put them in her Santa sack and stocking. She also has a Christmas Eve box with a pair of pyjamas, a Christmas book, a Christmas dvd and some Christmas chocolates.

How is everyone else’s Christmas prep going?