Halloween Feast

This week seems to have flown by. I had intended to write about my mini Halloween feast the day after Halloween but it just didn’t happen.

We had so many pumpkins from our little pumpkin picking outing that I decided to try and make pumpkin soup. Essentially all I did was chop up the pumpkin and an onion, cook them in butter and add stock. Obviously I added salt and pepper and blended it but it was otherwise really simple. And it was actually really nice. I also used the pumpkin seeds and roasted them with chilli.


My mini Halloween feast included a bowl of pumpkin soup, devil dog courtesy of Tesco (black coloured hot dogs with green coloured ketchup), soldiers (sticks of toast), sweet potato fries and witches fingers (mozzarella sticks in a green bread crumb coating with tomato relish). It looked really good and Halloweeny and tasted really nice too.


I still have a few pumpkins left so may do some pumpkin spaghetti or a pumpkin pie. Halloween this year was so much fun and Amelia looked adorable in her little pumpkin vest and green cardigan.


Last Minute Halloween Prep

The day before Halloween and I realised Amelia didn’t have a trick or treat bucket and that I hadn’t bought any little sweet treats for any potential trick or treaters. (Unlikely as I live in a block of flats with a buzzer system but there are little ones living in the other 5 flats in my block so you never know).

I go to university in Canterbury so I was able to pop into the high street after my lecture. I walked in and out of a few shops and all the Halloween shelves were a mess with people rummaging through the remaining items. Finally I went in Poundland and found that they still had an entire aisle of Halloween fancy dress items, banners, decorations, paper plates and bags.

Does anyone else find that they go in a ship for one thing and come out with three? I’m really bad for doing that. I tried to be sensible this time as we really didn’t need anything else but I still came out with a little extra halloween treat for Amelia.

How cute is this halloween themed peppa pig sticker set? Amelia, like most little ones, adores peppa pig and sits giggling in her chair watching it most mornings. She will probably try and eat the sticker book but I couldn’t resist getting it anyway.